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Wait What?!?!?

This is my beautiful niece.  She was so sweet to travel up to Montana with me to keep me awake along the way.  She did a little bit of driving while I slept with one eye opened.:) We were able to head up to Glacier early in the morning to get some of her senior photos done.  She is known in our family to be very photogenic so taking her photo was a breeze.  She is not only cute but also very organized (doesn’t run in our family normally), has her life planned on what she wants to do, is a hard worker, is a saver of money (also does not run in our family normally), is very aware of others and their feelings, and is one of the most generous people I know.  She has great things ahead of her and I cannot wait to see it all unfold.  Love ya Kenna!


Sweetest Senior

Awww this sweet girl.  We did her senior photos at the same time as her family shots (previous post).  She is a really gifted girl.  I know just through hearing about her that she is athletic and creative and all of those things.  But I am talking about gifted in the kindness area.  She quietly serves her siblings and parents.  It is so hard to explain but very neat to watch.  She has got great things ahead of her.  Can’t wait to watch what unfolds for you!



There is something about wide open spaces with no obstructions that make my photographer soul happy.  It is clean and simple and feels like a break from our busy lives. Antelope Island is the strangest place.  You are in the city driving and then run right into miles and miles of this clean and simple.   Thankful this sweet lady had a vision and I was able to be there with them.  It made it all worth the heat and biting flies.:) Hope you love!


The Train Museum

I love clients who are patient enough to wait out the weather to be able to complete their family photos.  This was the last session I had while in Montana.  I cannot ask for 5 days of great weather without knowing one day is not going to be so great.  This was the day.  Grateful we all stuck it out and got some darling photos of their family.  See you all next time.  Kathleen, I swear one time I do your family photos it will be fantastic weather :).