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I have photographed dogs, cats, even turtles but rats, it was a first for me.  They normally have me a little sqirmish but this time not so much.  They were so cute with this darling girl.  She was so much fun to photograph.  Thanks for choosing me Heather.  Hope all of you enjoy!:)

Baby J

The parents of this little guy live close to us.  When I talked to her before the session she said “you shouldn’t have any problem photographing him.  He sleeps all the time”.  This is what ALL moms say which is true because their babies do, AT HOME.  The minute we get them naked here they do the one-eyed-willey the whole time and are wide awake.  It takes alot of soothing and heat and cuddling to get them passed out so I can work my magic.  Well this momma wasn’t kidding.  This little man LOVES to sleep.  Every once in awhile he would squawk, open his eyes, and then would be out again in 2 seconds.  As all newborns are, he is so sweet.  My home feels so close to heaven when they are here and for that I am thankful!



This was a quick mini-session in downtown Ogden.  Senior boys are mostly hilarious.  Most have been dragged by their mom’s down to have the “senior shot” done.  By the end though all of them produce some great images and get me laughing the whole time.  Thanks for the fun afternoon!


I am back in Utah and doing photos in my own stomping grounds.  This location is about 20 min from my house. A-MAZ-ING!  What better person to photograph there than beautiful Presli.  She is like another neice to me.  She is one of my neices friends.  I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years so it was so fun to catch up.  You are a gorgeous girl inside and out!  Cannot wait to see where life takes you in the next couple of years.