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Wild Ride

These two doll babies had me on my toes the whole session.  They also had us laughing THE WHOLE TIME.  I had my daughter with us who is also their babysitter.  Between the three of us adults, you would think we could control the situation.  Not the case.  At one point we turned around and saw the wee one dipping her peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the gravel and eating it.  We left with some great shots but they made me work for them!  I love this family and am thankful once again for great friends.  Enjoy!

My Girl

She is 12….seriously where has the time gone?  She is full of life and is happiest when she is moving 5 million miles an hour…Runs in the family.  She is also headstrong which also runs in the family.  This girl is going to move mountains.  Will all of her spunk and sass comes kindness.  She always is sticking up for the underdog and goes out of her way to make others feel welcome.  I love that about her.  Grateful for all the things I have learned being her mom.  Two more weeks and we will have a teenager in our house.  Heaven help us:)

Sweet Reward

These kids have photo shoots down.  They have been in front of my camera more than they probably hoped for and it seems like every time I photograph them, I feel like I am working with kid models.  I love them like they are my neices and nephews.  They were so good they got icecream for breakfast at the end.  Oh, I forgot to mention, that they have a pretty cool momma also.