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Newborns make me crack up.   The more I do them the more I learn all their little patterns.  This is usually how it goes…..Newborn arrives…..asleep…..realizes it is photo day and so for the first time in their lives they choose to stay up as long as possible…, me and whoever else is there soothing them while really high heat space heaters try to keep them happy (the rest of us are sweating like pigs)…..time to eat……they fall asleep……we get them in position on the blanket……they pee or poop on the blanket because they just ate like there was going to be no tomorrow…..they wake up (who likes to sit in there stuff for very long)……and then the cycle starts all over.  I have found as I do them that the last half an hour of the session is the most productive.  By then we have completely worn them out to the point where they are not waking up for anything.  That is usually the time where the magic occurs.  My sister-in-law from Idaho was down for the day and so we decided to do a last minute session with her 4 week old before I had to head to another shoot.  We didn’t have time for that magic last hour but this little one still gave us  a couple of images that I think will make mom happy.  Thanks Angie for letting me snuggle her for a little bit and get my baby hungriness out.  Rob thanks you too:)

October 9 2010 024October 9 2010 017

Angela - October 11, 2010 - 10:05 am

Awwww they turned out soooo good (even if we only got a couple!)!!!! Nathan loves them too! Thanks Amiee they are great!

Connie Maughan - October 11, 2010 - 11:38 am

What great pictures of the baby. You are amazing at what you do.
I love when you share your talent with us.

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