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Virginia Farm Life

I told my sweet friend while out in Virginia, that I have never been jealous of anyone else’s situation until I did the photoshoot for this beautiful family.  They live on a huge ranch and he is the ranch manager (I think).  Their kids’ backyard is open fields of gloriousness.  They ride horses, feed baby cows out of bottles, the whole nine yards.  We did these photos in their world and as I watched their kids run free in the fields, I felt a little pang of jealousy.  We live in such a busy crazy life that is surrounded by “things” and those things sometimes make our souls feel squashed.  Even though I know that they do so much hard work, I feel like everyone in their life should have the opportunity to be a ranch hand.  Just sayin’.  That being said, I have waited for about 4 years for this cute family to ask me to do their photos.  I was pretty excited when it worked out this last trip to Virginia.  Their kids are adorable and so much fun!  And those wranglers folks are the real thing.  Right here is a couple of cowgirls and cowboys in the making.  So cute!  Thanks so much for having me.  It was good for my soul:)


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