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Jeanette and I debated back and forth on this afternoon whether to risk the elements to photograph her family.  It had been rainy off and on.  Selfishly I wanted to go because I know the type of light that often comes after a storm, but I also know that it nearly kills a mother to get her kids ready for a photoshoot only to have it cancelled due to the elements.  Getting ready often involves bribing, begging the kids to wear a certain outfit, high levels of stress to make sure no one trips on the way out the door and injures their face and just sheer exhaustion.  Sometimes you have a really wise friend who trusts and lets things fall how they may.  I think she would be the one person to say that you just have to roll with life and usually the best things come when you just let go and enjoy the adventure of it all.  We were blessed with that beautiful light that comes after a storm.  I adore this family and am so thankful for them in my life.

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