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Open the Floodgates

I hesitate to even do a post on these two until they are gone in the next few months.  It will open up the floodgates.  This is my sweet niece and she has the unfortunate dispostion, like many of us in our family, to love BIG.  It is a blessing and a curse all at the same time.  Her and her best friend in the whole world will be serving 2 year missions for the LDS church in the next few months.  That means they will have to say bye bye to each other and not talk except through letters for a really long time.  It is a sacrifice for something they love even more.  That is pretty amazing if you ask me.  I am so excited for them because I know what comes from this great experience but because I love her so much, I also ache for her sweet heart.  Thank you Zane for being who you are to my sweet niece!  You are both going to do amazing things!  So excited to hear where each of you will be going!

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