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Family has been on my brain lately.  My sis and her family followed us down from Montana to stay in Utah for a week with us.  Our house has been buzzing with cousins, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas.  I love it!  I would dare say our family was near perfect when it comes to the love area.  Notice how I only mentioned one area of perfectness.  We definitely struggle with stubborness, hurt feelings, difference of opinion, and a little bit of crazy, but at the end of the day we try hard to forgive, understand, and be a little less stubborn and learn how to be a little less crazy.  One night, while she was here, all of the cousins were out in our backyard gearing up for the ultimate water balloon fight.  We were obviously not paying attention to any of them for a short time because they all came around from the garage completely covered in what they called “war paint”.  As I watched them all play and run in and out of our house and looked around and saw most of my family there (miss you Earl family), my heart swelled…..again.  Amist all the struggles we have I love how my family always comes back together in love.  I love being able to photograph that in other families too!  This family was one of them……They also did not hold back when it came to the love area.:)

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