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Big Sky

It is that time again….When my sweet sister and her fam opens their home and lets me make a mess of it for a few days while I do what I love.  Thanks so much sis.  You are the best.  Have I told all of you how much I love Montana.  Have I described how beautiful it is.  How the skies seem like they stretch forever and  How you can see the most beautiful wheat fields in the whole world.  The green and cream stripes that stretch as far as the skies.  How all the trucks are covered in dirt.  I know, weird right?  I love it.  They are farm trucks and for some weird reason I love them.  How life just runs a little bit slower and things are a little simpler.  A big fat bonus to all that is I have been able to meet some amazing people each time I come.  Some that have allowed me to photograph their families year after year.  Thank you for that.  I hope each of you enjoy your images from this year.  See you all in August!

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