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And another from Virginia…..

The main reason why I headed to Virginia was to see my kindred friend and her family.  Think “Anne of Green Gables” folks and you will know what I am talking about when I say kindred.  She was throwing a surprise 40th birthday party for her husband while I was there so I helped out with that and of course took photos of the whole shin-dig.  The party was an 80′s theme.  I think we all may have gotten into it a little too much.  We found my friend black vinyl pants and I was sporting a shirt that said “Wake me up before you GO GO”.  Side pony tails were in order, neon was everywhere, and we both found matching black shiny high-heels.  We partied like it was 1999.  IT. WAS. FUN!  In addition to all this fun I managed to work in a couple of sessions.  Below are photos of my “adopted niece”…aka….best friends’ daughter.  I am thankful she now calls me “aunt Aimee” because then I can boss her around and make her come out and do sessions just like I do my own nieces.  Actually didn’t take much bossing because she is always up for it.  She has such a sweet way about her that is super fun to photograph.  Hope you love!  Thanks for having me again.  I love you all!


Rachelle Fitzpatrick - April 26, 2013 - 4:40 pm


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