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I know all of the kids are going to roll their eyes when they read the blog post title because they like all other children usually hate having freckles. I think it takes some olden’ up to appreciate just how awesome and beautiful they are. This family rocks! They are my back door neighbors who have been known to throw a water balloon or two at me off their deck while I am watering the garden. Oh yes and they are also the ones (I am thinking of a particular child) who decided to do their very first toilet papering job on our house. Rob was sorely dissapointed and felt like he needed to teach them how to really do a toilet papering job. Needless to say I love this family! And I am secretly jealous of all your freckles. Enough said…….

Linda Dobson - May 31, 2012 - 7:10 am

These pics are so cute! What a darling family! Good job Aim!

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