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We just got back a few weeks ago from a family vacation to the Caribbean. This is how it went in Jamacia…..Get off the boat, search frantically to find family who was way more organized than myself, run to find our tour guide, get on bus, start snapping photos only to find out that the lense you chose decides that focusing isn’t a great idea in Jamaica. I had to manually focus the dang thing while our bus driver, Phil, was going 80 miles an hour while singing and talking on the phone and eating a banana all at the same time :). (Yes, Kattie, I am exaggerating a little….only about the speed though). We Get to Dunn river falls and I have an argument within myself on whether I should take my camera with me while hiking up a waterfall, decided against it, and then spent the next 2 hours screaming at myself for not risking it. It was so gloriously beautiful and unfortunately if you would like to see what it looks like you will need to google it, but I did get some other fun photos that all of us will look back on and smile. The reason it was my favorite though is because we got out of the touristy part and drove into the realness of the country. I am seriously so sad that I could not stop Phil at least 5000 times to take a photo of this and that. The people that stood out in the street, the mortor buildings that had rebar coming out of the top, the homes built out of nothing, clothslines covered in bright clothes hanging from one humble home to another. I really loved it and wish I would have been able to drink it all in a little longer. I was so grateful though to Phil, our bus driver for letting us experience a little of the culture by taking us to an authentic Jamacian restaurant. We were licking the food off our fingers and I am pretty sure I have never seen my husband quite clean the bone like he did out there. LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!
It was an amazing experience!

Come to Mama!!!!


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