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Valentines’ Day is the one holiday where I miss being in school. Elementry school that is. I have to admit that when my kids are making their little boxes to hold their Valentines I stare off into space dreaming about the amazing boxes I used to make and about all the little cards with the treats attached that came in them……like the red heart suckers that had the raised white outline on them or the box of hearts with all the little sayings like “your cool”. It seriously was like my favorite holiday and I sometimes have to really hold back from making my own box right along side them. Maybe one day I will and make my husband go door to door to get all the neighbors to bring me a Valentine card to put in it. Anyways, because I love this holiday so much and because the name Aime’ is actually LOVE in French, I am offering the best sale of the entire year. Now until Feb. 14th, session fees are $20 (normally $100) and to top it off, you will also receive a coupon code to be used after your session for 20% off any package purchased*. Add both of those up and it spells some serious money saving! Book it HERE

*Session must be booked and used by May 1st

You know I cannot just have a post with only words so here ya go. Keep posted for the full session of this darling little girl. It’s a good one!

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