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Monthly Archives: October 2015


Jeanette and I debated back and forth on this afternoon whether to risk the elements to photograph her family.  It had been rainy off and on.  Selfishly I wanted to go because I know the type of light that often comes after a storm, but I also know that it nearly kills a mother to […]

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Open the Floodgates

I hesitate to even do a post on these two until they are gone in the next few months.  It will open up the floodgates.  This is my sweet niece and she has the unfortunate dispostion, like many of us in our family, to love BIG.  It is a blessing and a curse all at […]

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The Aspens were so beautiful on this day.  They remind me of my mom.  It is her favorite tree and also one of mine.  I ended up talking my husband into planting three of them in our back yard fully knowing that they create hard knots in your lawn and have babies like crazy.  I have […]

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This is my cute niece and her friend.  I don’t know her friend very well but one thing I do know is that she is lucky to have my niece as her friend.  She has a heart of gold and is always caring for everyone around her.  She lights up a room wherever she is. […]

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What has happened?

Seriously what has happened to time?   This is one of my dear friends from high school and she is now the mother of two large men!  It is so fun seeing my friends kids and how they interact with each other.  These boys are darling and have two great parents!

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