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Yearly Archives: 2015

Family Reunion

This family was all together for a reunion and asked me to come to their families’ cabin to photograph all of them.  It was such a beautiful morning to drive up and spend it with such nice people.  Thanks and hope you all like!

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I have photographed dogs, cats, even turtles but rats, it was a first for me.  They normally have me a little sqirmish but this time not so much.  They were so cute with this darling girl.  She was so much fun to photograph.  Thanks for choosing me Heather.  Hope all of you enjoy!

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Baby L

This is my new little nephew.  We are all completely smitten by him…his roundness, his little swirly calic on his head, his little pucker lips.  Good heavens!  We love us a baby in our family!

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Baby J

The parents of this little guy live close to us.  When I talked to her before the session she said “you shouldn’t have any problem photographing him.  He sleeps all the time”.  This is what ALL moms say which is true because their babies do, AT HOME.  The minute we get them naked here they […]

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