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Monthly Archives: August 2014

25th Street

I have been photographing this sweet girl since she was little.  She gets cuter and cuter every year!  I am thankful for my job, clients that keep coming back and especially for great friends.  

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Glacier National Park (Take II)

I dragged my sister along for this session.  Should I say an all day event.  She is awesome and I love her.  I feel like a constantly am in debt to all my siblings.  I was so grateful for her on this day and we got to breathe in Glacier which have I mentioned (like […]

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Good For The Soul

There are many places on this earth that I have fallen in love with but none that make me feel like this place does. It is majestic in every sense of the word. No matter what photos you look at of Glacier National Park, none come close to capturing the feeling you get when you […]

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Way Up High

Thank goodness you cannot see the girl behind the camera in these shots.  I was inwardly having a panick attack with the kiddos on the rock cliffs.  I am not the best with heights and small children.  Even though mom and dad were on top of things my knees still get weak.  My poor kids […]

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