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Yearly Archives: 2012

Sweet Smilin’

I love this family! If you remember I did a session with the youngest doll HERE. It was so fun to have the whole family together. I was so happy that Kevin (wink, wink……I am so funny), decided to smile for me half way through the session. It took some tricks up my sleeve but […]

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Sweet Senior

This is the granddaughter of my mom’s BFF. My mom and her grandma have been friends since the beginning of time and we just know all of them as family. We have photo’s of her mom with my sister when they were just tiny. Crazy as it is, I had never met Breanna. At certain […]

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I love this age. I love the spunk! I love how they run with their little tree trunk legs and how everything they do is with excitement and curiosity. I love how not willing they are to listen to you but are still at the age where that is super cute. This little man has […]

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Guacamole & Chips Anyone?

Everything went perfect during this session except that Kendell and I forgot to share some guacomole and chips afterward. Kendell is my old neighbor and shares my love of that beautiful green stuff. She not only knows good food but is incredibly talented! Her kids were a riot! (oh my goodness, I sound just like […]

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True Blue

I love the phrase TRUE BLUE. It describes something that is lasting and is deep and is forgiving and is SURE and is TRUTH and is LOVE. To be TRUE BLUE requires work. I love the principle of work! It has made all the difference with my eternal TRUE BLUE friend (my hubby), and all […]

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