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Yearly Archives: 2012


Having faith sometimes turns into an incredible journey. One where we are dropped and then lifted and then dropped and then lifted up and down mountains that we never thought we would ever climb. Nick and Jyllian have been climbing some of those mountains :). It really is the most amazing process and from and […]

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Beautiful Day

I think Steph hit the jackpot when she chose the day she wanted family photos done. It was so beautiful outside. Right before that we had snow storms and right now we are sporting a nice 24 degrees out. It is COLD! Steph has been my hairdresser for the past few years and one that […]

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My friend has been designing her boy’s bedroom in the superhero theme. She let me unleash my creative juices one morning with these little men. IT WAS FUN! Can’t wait to see these BIG on their bedroom wall. The ultimate birthday surprise.

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Glad You Came Along

When I arrived at the session Janna was telling me about a conversation she had with her boy earlier during the day when he asked her if he needed to be in the family photos. I love it that her kids are teenagers now. Teenagers rock! We met this family through my sister whose family […]

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Sweet Cheeks

Shouldn’t every baby be called “sweet cheeks”? Or “sweetness”? Or “you little sweet thing”? I am convinced it must contain the word sweet with whatever you choose. Ahhhh, life is good today. Love this little guy and all his siblings that I have been able to photograph. Love their momma also, one of my dearest […]

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