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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Little Missy

We had a fun afternoon with this little missy in my parents wonderland of a back yard……there was twirling (we won’t mention the small accident that followed), catching and hiding tomatoes, going on little adventures in the oak trees and picking a prize out of the treasure box which ONLY the grandkids usually have access […]

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There is a first for everything

Sometimes you have to face your biggest fears head-on to overcome them and photographing weddings was on the top of my list of fears.  It is a day that you CANNOT screw up!  Sometimes to overcome fears you also need people to believe that you can do it so thanks Natalie for taking a chance […]

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Ohh…how I love these three!!!

These would be my cute nieces and nephew.  If you know me at all you will know how much I love my family.  Did I say I love my family?  They are seriously amazing….every last one of them.  I could go on and on about these three….what a good girl Maddie is and how she […]

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Sweet Sweet Baby

This is the little newborn of my friend Melissa.  Most newborns can be a little sassy when it comes to getting naked and having their photos taken.  Not this little guy!  Such a fun afternoon.  Hope you enjoy!

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Back To School Special

Now I am going to try really hard to not dis school photos but if I do forgive me because without posting the actual photo, just trust that I had some bad ones taken.  They have been brought out when our family needed a good laugh.  Part of it was the awful splattered paint background […]

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