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Yearly Archives: 2011

Just the boys

It was just the boys today.  I love taking photos of these little ones because for one they feel like family and for two when I am in the mood for some serious shots they deliver.  Hope you like Melissa and thanks for being one of my most loyal clients!

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Where are you?

We drove and drove and drove…..and drove to find this location.  My navigation skills were lacking on this shoot.  It was worth it though.  Broc is my cute cousin that by the way is super talented also.  From what I hear he has a mean 3 point shot.  Broc, have fun in the next 4 […]

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I love photographing seniors.  I love the age and everything that comes with it.  Jake was no exception.  We found a fabulous location with a fabulous green chair plopped right in the middle of nowhere.  I love when a studio is set right up for me :).  Sometimes those fabulous locations come with a little […]

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Chickens Are MEAN!

As I drove by this park my heart did a little pitter patter only because there was GREEN!  Not the faded out stuff….the spring is here stuff.  Once we were there though we discovered that we were not in charge at this park.  Once meeting the local chicken we had to literally go the opposite […]

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We Are Family……Na na na na na

……my brothers and my sisters and me.   I am wiggling in my chair singing to the Jackson 5 song (****see below) and wondering how in the world that popped into my head while I was thinking of a post title.  It IS a family that I am posting about.  This is not only just […]

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