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Yearly Archives: 2011

Ryan & Lex

These two are adorable. I hadn’t yet met Ryan until their big day and you all know how nice I think Lex is from my last post. Well her hubby is equally just as nice and they are in LOOOOVVVVEEEE! I am talking like the smooshy, adoring, thinks each other is the best thing on […]

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Winter Bride

This is Lex.  My sis warned me that she is beautiful but I wasn’t expecting to meet someone who is also so beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.  She is so easy to photograph and was so sweet!  I would say, “Let’s do this” and she would say, “Cute”.  I would say […]

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Bitta Cold!

Oh my goodness it was cold on the day we shot these.  I am seriously thinking it was about 5 degrees.  My sister’s aunt (don’t ask me to go into our family geneology….it is seriously confusing) had me up to their ranch for the morning to capture her brother (my sister’s dad) and his kids […]

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These are the sweet little girls of one of my friends.  She is an amazing mother and I sit back and watch in wonder on how she is doing it and doing it so well.  It was my first time photographing twins and I have to say that I loved it even more than doing […]

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“This is REALLY nice”

These are my neighbors and also the children that my kids spent the majority of this last summer with.  They are also the children that after we bought our 1973 ghettto, griswald motor home, looked at it and exclaimed, “this is really nice”… far my favorite line EVER by any of my kids’ friends.  I […]

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