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Monthly Archives: August 2010

100% Boys

I knew when these two boys showed up I made a big mistake to not bring my king size candy bars to offer for any excitement to be there.  I loved it though because it reminded me of my two boys (who by the way hate photo day).  We did however get some great shots.  When I […]

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Can you say smile?

Seriously….look at this kid’s smile.  This senior has got a good set of chops.  He is also super polite.  Thanks mom for booking with me and half of Cut Bank along with it.  I hope you enjoy!

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Montana Soul Train

I am still not sure myself how the title of this post came about but it seemed to be the theme of our session.  The boys came up with it and I told them it was going in the blog… everyone meet the Montana Soul Train family.  They were so fun to capture!  They reminded […]

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Montana Take Two

I had the chance to head up to Montana again….this time with my dad and no children.  My husband stayed with the kids while I did a quick business trip.  After this trip I think I am destined to wear an apron and live in a farmhouse.  My sweet sis took me to their farmhouse […]

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My Sweet Things

So we headed out for our annual updating of the photos day.  Usually it ends with alot of crying (usually more me than the kids) and all of us stressed out.  Not this year my friends.  All I can say is bribery sometimes comes through for you.  This time I thought it through and it […]

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