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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Handsome Is…..

This little guy was the star of my blog about three months ago when I did, or I should say WE did (his mom helped ALOT) his newborn photos.  He is so sweet and HANDSOME!  Thanks Melissa for being such a loyal client and a super duper good assistant.  Tack on “great friend” onto all […]

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Last but not least

I have decided Montana just has good water or something.  I mean…..seriously…..look at the last two seniors I have posted about and now comes another.  This one is particularly special for me to post about because she happens to be my neice and I think she is GORGEOUS!  She is not only so pretty but […]

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Here comes the Montana girls

This beautiful girl was so much fun to photograph.  As you can see she is kind of a natural behind the camera.  So pretty and easy to laughter which I think makes the best shots.  Thanks so much for letting me photograph you!  You are super sweet and polite just like your mom described you […]

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Sorry….Couldn’t Hold Back One More Minute

Meet my new neice.  I had to sneak one in before I finish all my senior editing.  I couldn’t help myself after spending the day with her.  She is as sweet as can be and has the best parents a girl could want.  Sorry for just a little taste Bent and Melissa….more coming soon. 

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Montana Seniors

WHEW!  We are back and made it!  While I was there I found a house I loved and was even thinking of ways I could set up a studio.  I think I even had Rob thinking he could start a cattle ranch….WHAT?…..I had to hit myself over the head (or mabey my husband did) and […]

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