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Yearly Archives: 2010

Ohhh….the weather outside was frightful!

It is fun to be able to photograph kids as they grow.  This little man has graced the blog a few times and just continues to get cuter and cuter.  The weather was so cold out when we took these.  Not the best for getting smiles from a 9 month old.  Time to get a […]

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Our neighbor has a turtle that is REALLY OLD.  It is actually on the Utah protected turtle list or something.  I was listening to her tell about “Big Red” and couldn’t help but laugh my head off the whole time.  I wish all of you could listen to her tell about her turtle because it […]

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She wore a itsy bitsy tiny winy…

Ok so it is not a yellow bikini (thank goodness because it was freezing out) but still polka dot and still adorable.  Yes, and to make you all super envious, I get to smooch on this little babe because she happens to be my niece.  We are missing you three lots and lots and hope […]

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This family rocks!  Each of the girls in this family are so different and unique.  Jyllian is the most talented girl.  I tell her all the time I am going to be the first person there at the ribbon cutting of her first boutique.  She can literally make anything look beautiful.  She is also a […]

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Glorious Fall!

It was such a beautiful morning taking these shots.  I love the crispness of fall and all the color.  Plop in some really photogenic subjects in all of that and it makes for some beautiful images.  Hope you all enjoy! It is so sweet taking photos of parents who are still smitten with each other. […]

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