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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Seniors Rock!

Nicole was amazing to photograph.  She is beautiful!  The poor girl was dragged to three incredibly dirty locations and was up for anything.  (even breaking the law….just kidding)  It was a blast!  Thanks to Tyler and Brit for letting us into “THE field”.  Here is a sneak peak of the day.  

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“Maddie Jean”

So my niece Maddie has been my model to practice on since I started…..She calls herself the “rat” that I experiment on.  I think you would all be on my side when I say she is more on the end of model than rat.  Either way she is such a big help to me when […]

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Autumn Is Here!

Fall makes me do all sorts of crazy things.  Mabey not crazy things, just things I wouldn’t want to do the rest of the year.  I itch to start painting some room in my house.  I want to read everything even though I don’t have a idgin of time.  I turn into a pajama and blanket […]

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She Is At It Again

This time I took the whole fam out to get their family shots.  I found my new favorite farm.  While I was pulling up photos I could see little black blurs on some of the shots.  Needless to say lots of fly removal in editing.  LOL!  This family is beautiful inside and out.  Way down […]

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