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Yearly Archives: 2009

Dreaming of Spring…….

I am so itchy for green and color again which is surprising seeing is my wardrobe consists of grey, white and tan with a little levi here and there.  I am going to force myself to do some more outside shooting this week even if it is 2 degrees out.  I am missing it.  My camera […]

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Lady in Red…..

Oh my goodness…..this little lady kept all of us on our toes.  My beautiful friend Jyllian volunteered to have me take photos of her niece for the new hats that just came in and little did we know that the girl “HATES” hats.  I know that “hate” is a very strong word but totally appropriate […]

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Momma-Daughter Love….

I love photography because by the time I am done with a shoot I feel like I got a whole world of information that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.  I get to watch closely people interact.  Mabey it is because I am paying attention that I feel by the time I leave that they are […]

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Handsome Boys

Laurel was the winner of the mini session at the beginning of October.  She is a dear friend and is one of the neatest people you could meet.  She is good through and through.   Our kids grew up the first 5 years of their lives playing together.  For awile Tate and Reannna claimed (or mabey just […]

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Dottie Beck’s

During the Anderson’s Family shoot I met Jennifer who is the owner of Dottie Beck’s.  As darling as she was (after I didn’t ask to use her store….oops….sorry Jen) she asked me to come back in the afternoon to get some shots of her boys.  Ok for all you moms out there that totally stress out over […]

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