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Way Up High

Thank goodness you cannot see the girl behind the camera in these shots.  I was inwardly having a panick attack with the kiddos on the rock cliffs.  I am not the best with heights and small children.  Even though mom and dad were on top of things my knees still get weak.  My poor kids […]

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Pork Chop

Because my sister is impatient I am up at 11:30 at night posting her images.  Her morning phone call tomorrow will be a little more pleasant :).  You can see why she is impatient.  Just look at these three little guys.  She calls the youngest her boyfriend…..I call him Pork Chop.  He is so darling […]

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Historic Virginia

Virginia is filled with history.  It is a photographers dream as far as every kind of background within a 10 mile radius.  They chose the location and it was perfect.  (until we got kicked out for standing on historical brick.  Ooops!)  I have secretly wanted to photograph this cute family for a while now.  They […]

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My kindred had me back for a visit and we geared up to do the “family session” while I was there.  Her husband and a couple of her boys have taken an interest in flying and have been doing lessons for the past few years.  Her husband has his license (scary) and I think one […]

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